Operation Research and Decision

Contents 2017/vol. 27/No. 4 (List of accepted articles)

1. Adhami A. Y., Muneeb S. M., Jalil S. A., Asim Z. A Multi-level decision making model for the supplier selection problem in a fuzzy situation
2. Daoui C., Lefebvre D., Control design for untimed Petri nets using Markov Decision Processes
3. Galanc T., Kołwzan W., Pieronek J., A. Skowronek-Grądziel Management and decisions in the structures of human activities
4. Greicius E., Minkevicius S. Diffusion limits for the queue length of jobs in multi-server open queueing networks
5. Mandal W. A., Islam S. Multi-objective geometric programming problem under uncertainty
6. Olbryś J., Mursztyn M. Measurement of stock market liquidity supported by an algorithm inferring the initiator of a trade