Operation Research and Decision

Contents 2018/vol. 28/No. 2 (List of accepted articles)

1. Arora R. Branch and Bound Algorithm for Discrete Multi-level Linear Fractional Programming Problem
2. Awedyk M., Niezgoda A. Resilience planning as the opportunity for future sustainable development in tourism
3. Łyczkowska-Hanćkowiak A., Piasecki K. Present Value of Portfolio Assets with Present Values Determined by Trapezoidal Ordered Fuzzy Numbers
4. Stasiak M. A Study on the Influence of the Discretisation Unit on the Effectiveness of Modelling Currency Exchange Rates in the Binary-temporal Representation
5. Strelchenko I. Cluster Analysis of the Impact of Currency Regime Time on the Features of Financial Crises' Flow
6. Taalaibekova A. Opinion formation in social networks